Strategic Plan Commentary Tool

Dear NEOMED Community Member,
As part of the NEOMED Strategic Plan implementation and assessment process, we invite you to comment on any of the 16 initiatives in the most recent version of the Plan.

Goal One: Assure Excellence of the Academic Programs
   Ensure optimal educational experience
   Improve faculty compensation and retention
   Support the success of students from disadvantaged backgrounds

Goal Two: Advance High Impact Research
   Enhance research structure
   Strategic recruitment of research faculty
   Cultivate external collaborations
   Expand the REDIZONE
   Advance and invest in infrastructure necessary for research

Goal Three: Transform Clinical, University and Community Partnerships
   Redefine relationships with Hospital-Clinical partners
   Leverage NEOMED’s position as academic health center with skill sets of value to clinical partners and supplant the lack of practice plan revenues
   Enhance Alumni engagement

Goal Four: Build Institutional Vitality and Sustainability
   Enhance internal operations & efficiency and realign business strategy & innovation
   Advance fundraising
   Initiate and secure sources of revenue
   Develop new programs to enhance College of Graduate Studies enrollment growth
   Increase campus infrastructure to support education, research and administrative operations

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Northeast Ohio Medical University